WEMSA Headed to Milwaukee, WI for WEMSA 2013. Super excited to meet new people. Back in my EMS days I used to look forward to this conference every year, it was always a fun and educational time. This time I’ll be in the front of the room, never thought that would happen 20 years ago. First presentation is Friday afternoon. We will get our WEMSA feet wet with “First Due: Beyond the Nozzle” This will be a 90 minute abbreviation of our signature TEN-23 course. Double feature on Saturday, starting in the morning with Dying Inside: The Game has changed, has your Playbook? and finishing in the afternoon with Mobile Homes: Small house, Big Fire. Going to be  a very busy weekend, but I will do my best to keep you up to date on all the events. Take care and be safe, Al

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