Training Program Management:

Our Training Program Management (TPM) services are flexible and easy to use. We work with organizations to identify their needs and design solutions that are tailored to their members.

We specialize in developing programs for volunteer fire departments. We offer services on a month-to-month basis or on annual service contract.

For additional information contact Alan at contact@xtremefd.com

On-Site Training Programs:

Alan has trained firefighters from across the United States. A contributing author to Fire Engineering, and classroom presenter at state, regional, and national conferences such as FDIC, it is his passion to share his knowledge with the rest of the fire service.

Classes are available in lengths of 90 minutes to 8 hours. Formats include keynote, interactive classroom, and webinars. Private, open enrollment, and fundraising programs are available.

For additional information contact Alan at contact@xtremefd.com

ON-Demand Programs:

Whether you missed last weeks webinar, need to fill a couple of hours on training night, or are just looking to scratch that training itch, we’ve got something for you.

We have a complete library of webinars that you can rent at your convenience and have immediate access.

So, sit back in your recliner, grab a cup of joe, and enjoy the show!

Training Downloads:

Need something quick for training night because the weather changed, someone didn’t show, or you’ve just run out of ideas for changing things up? Tired of the same old same old?

Well why not give XtremeFD Trivia a try. XtremeFD Trivia is similar to the well-known game show Jeopardy, but instead of giving the answers and asking for the question, it provides the question and asks for the answer.

XtremeFD Trivia is offered in a number formats and covers topics such as Firefighter 1 & 2, Motor Pump Operator, Hazmat, Fire Instructor 1, Fire Officer 1 & 2, and much, much, more.

Whether you play as a group or split into teams, everyone is sure to learn and have fun while playing XtremeFD Trivia.

Custom trivia games specific for your organization are available

For additional information contact Alan at contact@xtremefd.com

All trivia content built from nationally recognized resources.

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