For Current and Future Fire Instructors

Training Officer Boot Camp is an 8 hour course designed for current and future fire instructors. Are you tired of repeating the same old training over and over? Learn simple, proven, affordable methods for designing a training program that will re-energize your department.

  • BUILDING YOUR PROGRAM: Setting Priorities & Allocating Resources
  • METHODS for CREATING: Enthusiasm and Excitement
  • EXPOSED: The REAL reason FF’s Skip Training
  • SHARED: 2 YEARS worth of Training Ideas

“And that is just for starters. You will learn shortcuts, strategies, and solutions that can be implemented right away. This is a very interactive class. Whether you are looking to add some jazz to an existing program or completely start over,  you will be amazed at the immediate and lasting results that this Boot Camp will have  on your training program.

Deputy Chief, Al Rufer, MBA, EFO

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