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Raves and Testimonials

Backpacks 2 Air Packs - Loads of Information

Loads of information that was able to be brought back to the department and used immediately.

Lora Henning, EMT
Clinton Fire Protection District

Great ideas!

Al brought a lot of great ideas and presented them in a way that really sticks. The exercise he had us do really put things into perspective with our service. Recruiting really is a long term commitment that needs needs to be addressed before it's too late. The information on what works and what doesn't will really help in our long term recruiting.
Jamie Stephenson
Albany Area EMS

Jamie Stephenson, EMS Director
Albany Area EMS

GREAT Class!

Great class! Always pick up something to take back to the department.

Thomas Douglas Hoffman, Fire Chief
Bloomington Fire Dept. - WI

Common Sense & Respectful

Chief Rufer did a great job with the recruitment and retention class . He has a lot of common sense and knows what volunteer fire departments are dealing with. He has no problem keeping your attention all day. Al is also very respectful of everyone in the room no matter what size your department is.

Lynn Kirschbaum, Fire Chief
Glen Haven Volunteer Fire/Rescue - WI

Looking forward to taking more of your classes

Outstanding class. Anytime I can take a class and not fall asleep means the instructor did a fantastic job. My compliments Al. In all seriousness, the class was extremely informative and well worth the time. It did help me realize that my department is on the right track for recruiting and can improve some things in the retention area. Thanks again, I am looking forward to taking more of your classes.

Harry Remz, Fire Chief
Prairie du Chien Fire Department - WI

Motivating Class

Since taking the Training Officer Boot Camp class we have expanded our training committee, started writing syllabuses for tasks, and started better documenting what we are doing and how it relates to statutes, Your class was a GREAT start to improving our training!
Jim Beyer, Captain/Training Officer
Monona Fire Department, Monona - WI

Jim Beyer, Captain
Monona Fire Department, Monona - WI

WOW - Awesome Class - Training Officer Boot Camp

I was blown away at the amount of information I could plug into my department immediately! Spot on tactics that can be used as soon as class was over.
Corey Kanable, Fire Instructor
Richland Center Fire Dept. - Richland Center, WI

Corey Kanable
Richland Center Fire Dept

Training Officer Boot Camp - Volunteer Department

A well-prepared and informative class. The Hands-On portion of the class was really helpful. Since the class I have applied what I've learned to my fire department and it's gone over real good. I find that my training is more organized and my members are taking the traing more seriously. They like knowing what to expect for each training and are much better prepared. There is better use of time.
Thanks for your help it was well worth it!
John P Vilanj, Training Officer
Troy Center Fire Department, East Troy WI

John P. Vilanj, Training Officer
Troy Center Fire Department, WI

Training Officer Boot Camp - EXCELLENT SEMINAR!

Very informative for rookies to veterans. Instructor engages the class by interacting and role playing. The real life scenarios the instructor has been through bring a realization to the class that tough decisions need to be made on the fire ground. Never stop training or get complacent. I can honestly say, I had fun while learning different ways to look at fire calls. Excellent seminar. Highly recommended. Thank you for your service and coming up to Central WI.

Aaron Blum
Town of Easton Fire Dep WI

Well structured program - Training Officer Boot Camp

Chief Rufer provides a concise strategy for a training program and then goes on to explain in detail the steps needed to make it happen. No fluff, no overused videos, just a clear system with enough hands-on tools for any training team to take the necessary steps to make it work! Well worth a Saturdays investment!
Jim Beyer, Captain
Monona Fire Department

Jim Beyer, Captain
Monona Fire Department

GOOD STUFF, that can be applied immediately - Training Officer Boot Camp

Al does a great job at "keeping it real" for all levels of firefighter services. His ideas are GREAT, and he explains them all very well. I will certainly be passing this on to both of the fire departments that I am a member of. Thanks Al for some good stuff that can be applied immediately.
Rick Feiner, Lieutenant
Mazomainie Fire Department

Rick Feiner, Lieutenant
Mazomanie Fire

Very informative - Training Officer Boot Camp

The information I received from Chief Rufer answered a lot of questions I had before I attended the class. I will definitely take what I have learned back to my department and sit down with my chief officers to implement a plan that will improve our department. I really found that the hands-on classroom exercises we're very helpful . This class has given me a foundation to start from. Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to attending more classes when they are available.
John P. Vilanj
Training Officer
Troy Center Fire Department

John P. Vilanj, Training Officer
Troy center fire department

Training Officer Boot Camp will improve your training

Chief Rufer's Training Officer's Boot Camp class is a great class that every department should send at least one training officer to. Thanks for the great day of training and ideas to take back to our department to help improve our training.
Larry Wagner, Deputy Chief
Lancaster Fire Department

Larry Wagner, Deputy Chief
Lancaster Fire Department

Leaves You Wanting More!

Training Officer Boot Camp will keep you engaged the entire class and leave you wanting more by the end of the day. I hosted this class as I was confident Chief Rufer would deliver an amazing class and he did not disappoint. Thanks Chief Rufer for helping change the volunteer fire service "One volunteer at a time!"
Ryan Simmons, Fire Chief
Platteville Fire Department

Ryan Simmons, Fire Chief
Platteville Fire Dept.

Training Officer Boot Camp is a Great Class

Just attended a great class, with a great instructor. Training Officer Boot Camp is a great class with lots of good information to improve your training program. Thanks Chief Rufer for the awesome day.
Steve Tranel, Fire Chief
Cuba City Fire Department

Steve Tranel, Fire Chief
Cuba City Fire Department

AMAZING CLASS! - TEN-23XL Strategies & Tactics

Just attended an amazing class, Strategies and Tactics for Residential Fires. Chief Rufer is an amazing and informational instructor. I will be looking foward to attending more class offered by XtremeFD.
Mike Wuensch, Captain
Campbell Fire Dept, WI

Mike Wuensch, Captain
Campbell Fire Dept.


Chief Rufer's Strategies and Tactics for Residential Firefighting was a very informative and thorough training class. Learned a great deal from his very engaging presentation. I would highly recommend bringing XtremeFD in for a presentation!
Eric A. Johnson
Firefighter and Fire Prevention Officer
Boulder Junction Volunteer Fire Department

Eric A. Johnson, Fire Prevention Officer
Boulder Junction Fire Department, WI


TEN-23XL is an amazing class taught by an even more amazing instructor! I'm glad I had the opportunity to attend the class and wish I could give the same opportunity to all my firefighters. Thanks for what you do Chief Rufer.

Ryan Simmons, Fire Chief
Platteville Fire Department, WI

Eye Opening Training - TEN-23XL

I just had the opportunity to attend the TEN-23 XL training this last Saturday and it was awesome! Great information I will certainly be taking back to my Department! Thank you Chief Rufer for the great presentation. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who can take it. You won't be disappointed!
Lt. Darin Steinmetz
Richland Center FD

Darin Steinmetz, Lieutenant
Richland Center Fire Department, WI

Really good class!

Not your normal classroom training, Chief Rufer keeps you busy the whole time!

Charlie Lancaster, Firefighter
Reedstown Fire Department, WI

GREAT Class..... TEN-23XL

Lots of knowledge to take back to the station. Got some training ideas.Thanks Chief Rufer!

John Childs
Fennimore Fire Department, WI

Great Class!

Chief Rufer Is very passionate about the Fire Service. In class he makes sure you know what to look for when doing a 360 in every aspect. He has so many tricks and tips in his toolbox that he passes on to everyone. There was never a dull moment with all of the knowledge he gives you. I didn't want to put my pen down for fear I would miss something.
The training that he has done, I feel he has taken his volunteer status to another level. Teaching one Firefighter at a time. Great Class and amazing speaker. Job well done , Keep up the good work and the City of Monroe should be glad to have you on board.
Thanks again Chief Rufer

Brien Cleary, Safety Officer
Darlington Fire Department, WI

2 Days Later

Only 2 days after I attended the Ten-23XL strategies and tactics class I had a chimney fire in which I was Incident Command. I could not believe how differently I looked at things. I would completely recommend this class to anyone from firefighter up to Chief. I hope that more members of my department will have the chance to attend this course in the future.

Kelly Bechel, Battalion Chief
South Area Fire and Emergency Response District

So I did not look like an idiot...

I just attend the NFA Wisconsin Weekend at Volk Field – Preparation for Initial Company Operations. While in this NFA course, much of the training Al presented to us in Drummond, WI last year was brought to the forefront of my mind. The Ten-23XL training gave me a necessary understanding of an effective initial on-scene report and what to seek during a 360 degree walk around. His stimulating presentation helped me to have the tools and knowledge needed to increase my learning at the NFA weekend, and yes, prevented me from looking like a idiot in front of all those career firefighters. Thank you!

Jonathon Dillard, Firefighter
Brule Fire Department

Skills that are PRACTICAL & EASY to use!

I attended TEN-23 at Monroe Fire School a couple years back and really enjoyed the class. It provides a lot of great tips and concepts that I've always kept in the back of my mind. Recently, as the first-in engine company, as I was doing my 360 of the structure and I found myself drawing on a lot of those concepts that Al's class provided. While the incident itself went smoothly, there's no doubt in my mind that some of the knowledge that I gained from TEN-23 helped me keep my crew as safe as they could by looking for the types of hazards and situations that can get us into trouble on the fireground.

Josh Kammerud, Captain
New Glarus Fire Department, Wisconsin

We raised over $5,000

I attended Al’s TEN-23 class a couple of years ago and have wanted to bring him to our area ever since. When I learned about his “Host a Class” program, it became a no brainer. His program by itself is a great deal, but the idea of combining great training and the potential to raise money for our organization was simply a WIN-WIN that we could not pass up. Al was GREAT to work with and a true partner throughout the process. The whole experience exceeded our expectations. Al is a professional, and I would recommend his training for any department.
Mark Jerome, Fire Chief

Mark Jerome, Fire Chief
Drummond Fire & Rescue

An opportunity NOT to pass up!

After attending Chief Rufer's course "Dying Inside/Flashover simulator" this past August. I learned much in both the class room portion as well as the flashover simulator. Chief Rufer gives a very easy to understand and challenging presentation regardless of your experience level. You will not be disappointed!!

Joe Girouard- Firefighter
Shirland Fire Department (IL)

TEN-23 helped us raise $4,000

We were looking for training that was fresh and practical when Al presented the idea of his “Host a Class” program. The county association sponsored the event and our department was the host location. It was a packed house with nearly 80 people attending. Al is fun, sincere, and delivers his material in a manner that everyone can understand and relate to.
We can’t wait to bring him back!

Bryan Marr, Fire Chief
Mineral Point Fire Department

Felt the Heat..

We all hear of flashovers and the dangers but because it hasn't happened to us we just pass it off. Being in the simulator and being able to see the signs of a flashover and then watch it occur definitely opens up your eyes and gives you a reality check as to the dangers of an impending flashover. I think this training is a must for all firefighters no matter what the rank. It is invaluable and might just help save your life or another brothers life someday. Chief Rufer has a great staff and a great program going. It would be a waste not to take advantage of it.

Matt Bartol- Firefighter
Beaver Dam Fire Department (WI)

Eye Opening

I strongly recommend attending any lecture or hands on presentation from Chief Rufer. He has a natural ability of taking his experience and knowledge of the fire service and conveying it to any audience. This weekend I had the privilege of attending a course led by Chief Rufer at the 77th SWNIFRA fire school. My peers experience ranged from less than one year to 14 years. Prior to class I honestly thought I knew what signs and condition changes should raise a red flag. I was wrong. Thanks to Chief Rufer, I have a base to work from and feel safer not just for myself but my brothers and sisters on my department.

James Mueller, Fire Fighter
Scales Mound Fire Protection District


Chief Rufer gave a GREAT presentation at FDIC that I attended. Nice way of getting his messages across in an easy-to-listen to format. Very approachable and good to learn from. I got a lot of valuable information from his class.

Tom Kiurski, Training Coordinator (retired)
Livonia (MI) Fire


I had the privilege of attending Chief Rufer's lecture at FDIC this year. He talked about Volunteer recruitment, retention, and training. The information he provided to my department is absolutely invaluable and I am forever indebted to him for all he has provided me.

Captain Garrett Wynn
U-Crest Fire Department

A Good Evening spent

I had the privilege of attending 3 of Chief Rufer's classes in February at the Wisconsin EMS Conference in Milwaukee and thought he would be an excellent speaker at our monthly fire chiefs association meeting/dinner. He did an excellent job of tailoring his normally longer presentation down to acceptable "after dinner" time frame. Lots of good information about recruiting and retaining volunteers.

Deputy Chief Dean Lindeman
Northwest Fire Protection District

Excellent as usual!

As he has in the past, Al Rufer brought a no-nonsense, information filled presentation to our department. In a matter of four hours, he took guys that had never been in a leadership postion and made them feel comfortable being stuck in the officers seat. If your department is like ours, any given day, any given firefighter may find themselves in that seat. Knowing the scene will start smoothly and run fine until command shows up is a great feeling. I feel so strongly that every firefighter needs to take the TEN-23 class, that my department will be sponsoring this class for all area FF later this year. I urge everyone to attend and see what a 360 can do for you!

Randy Baysinger Fire Chief
Stockton Fire Department


I recommend the TEN-23 class to all firefighters, company officers and Chiefs'. This class gives you an awareness of how to size-up a fire building when you arrive on scene and develop an action plan to fight the fire. It is very good for new firefighters and company officers. Also a good review for experienced firefighters and all chief officers.

Bruce Kienitz, Chief
Avoca Fire Department

A Must See

The TEN-23 class is well worth the time to attend. About three weeks after the class our department was paged to a house fire. While en-route to the scene I remembered the term "TWO" (Time of Day, Water, Occupant). I requested mutual-Aid for manpower and tenders. Once on scene I immediately did the 60-second walk around using "BURNER" that Al taught us. As I was finishing my walk around and giving the report to the communications center our Chief arrived on scene. He said he heard the report and had a clear picture of what we had. The call went exceptionably well, as for the word "BURNER", well you will just have to attend Al’s class to find out the answer!

Charles W. Nye, Asst. Chief
Cobb Fire Department

Eye Opening

After recently attending Chief Rufer's TEN-23 class, I feel I may have one of the best “tools" in my bag. TEN-23 in my opinion is a must for any company officer, It’s an eye opening discussion that is well worth the time.

Bryan Marr, Fire Chief
Mineral Point Fire Department

Must Attend

I have attended many classes and lectures in my years in the fire Service, but none as informative as this class. A must attend.

Mark Gilbertson, Chief
Hollandale Fire Department

Great Information

Xtreme FD puts on a great program in the TEN-23 course This program offers great information on what to look for and what to do in the first couple minutes on scene. The basics of a thorough 360 is covered very well. This is an excellent class for entry level firefighters, and a great refresher for those with many years of experience. A "must take" for all members!

Rick Feiner, Lieutenant
Mazomanie Fire Department

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