Strategies & Tactics for Residential Fires

This is an 8 hour course designed to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of fire ground operations. You will be able to immediately apply the knowledge and skills learned in this class at your next fire. We expose the REAL reasons communications fail, why our basic skills may be our biggest weakness, and demonstrate how to complete the six critical elements of a 360° size-up in less than 60 seconds.

  • EXPOSED: Three Common Myths Related to Fire Behavior
  • SCENE SIZE-UP: Six Elements you cannot afford to miss
  • REVEALED: The number one problem on the fireground
  • LEARN: how to perform a 360 in 60 seconds
  • ATTACKING: from the unburned side, what they didn’t tell you

“We need to stop trying to be good at making fast decisions and start learning how to make good decisions fast”

Deputy Chief, Al Rufer, MBA, EFO

Eye Opening

After recently attending Chief Rufer's TEN-23 class, I feel I may have one of the best “tools" in my bag. TEN-23 in my opinion is a must for any company officer, It’s an eye opening discussion that is well worth the time.

Bryan Marr, Fire Chief
Mineral Point Fire Department

Skills that are PRACTICAL & EASY to use!

I attended TEN-23 at Monroe Fire School a couple years back and really enjoyed the class. It provides a lot of great tips and concepts that I've always kept in the back of my mind. Recently, as the first-in engine company, as I was doing my 360 of the structure and I found myself drawing on a lot of those concepts that Al's class provided. While the incident itself went smoothly, there's no doubt in my mind that some of the knowledge that I gained from TEN-23 helped me keep my crew as safe as they could by looking for the types of hazards and situations that can get us into trouble on the fireground.

Josh Kammerud, Captain
New Glarus Fire Department, Wisconsin

2 Days Later

Only 2 days after I attended the Ten-23XL strategies and tactics class I had a chimney fire in which I was Incident Command. I could not believe how differently I looked at things. I would completely recommend this class to anyone from firefighter up to Chief. I hope that more members of my department will have the chance to attend this course in the future.

Kelly Bechel, Battalion Chief
South Area Fire and Emergency Response District

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