You asked for it, and we are responding! Like our waistbands over the winter, we have expanded our 4hr signature TEN-23 course and made it a full day. We now call it TEN-23XL. We first launched this program in Drummond WI in January of this year and we are working on the final arrangements for bringing it to the WI Dells this fall.

  • TEN-23XL:
    • Exposes 3 Fire Ground Myths
    • Scene Size-up – 6 elements you cannot afford to miss
    • Reveals – The number one problem on the fireground
    • Teaches you how to perform a 360 in 60 seconds
    • Discusses – Attacking from the unburned side, what they didn’t tell in you

TEN-23XL is a dynamic class that keeps you engage. When you leave you have a better understanding of fire behavior and flashovers. You will feel more confident about performing a 360 without wasting critical minutes, and you will have the tools to improve your fireground operations.
We will be emailing the formal announcement soon – go to xtremefd.com if you haven’t been receiving our training announcements, you can register at the bottom of the home page.
See you soon,

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