Where did summer go? It seems like we just get geared up for the fun in the sun and then the cooler weather of fall and winter show up and send us back inside. By this time of year it is not uncommon for the wear and tear of a hard years training to begin to show its effects on the troops. Attitudes may not be as positive as they were in June and the energy level may have decreased a bit.
Take the drag out of training by having a fun night. Training doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be all business. Sometimes throwing a twist into a regular night of training can re-energize the troops. Going back to the basics such as donning and doffing gear and an SCBA can reap big rewards. Its a simple drill and with a stop watch and a little creativity you can insert some good ole fashion competition.
For example, move all or some of the apparatus out of the truck bay and have the members form a circle with their gear and a SCBA in front of them. Having them all start at the same time – have them don the gear and SCBA as quickly as you can. Note – you can have them leave the air off to reduce clean-up time. Elimate everyone that took more than 3 minutes or did not have their gear on correctly (all flaps and buttons closed). Then with those remaining repeat the drill, this time lower the time limit to 2.5 minutes.

Continue the drill until only one person is left – this individual gets bragging rights until the next time. This is an easy drill to deliver, adds a little fun, and is something that you probably haven’t done in awhle. Feel free to adjust the start time to whatever fits your department best. You should get a number of repetitions from this exercise and that can only help reduce the response time at the station during a real call.
Most members will consider this an easy night and hopefully feel a little rejuvinated. So go ahead and try something new. Take the drag out of training and give the members a little lift.

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