Barn Fire

Albany fire department was assisted by a number of mutual aid units for this large barn fire. Photo By: RJEB Photography

What's the first thing you would do?

Several times a year a few of my friends and I go out to eat. We talk about our jobs (the ones that pay the groceries) our families, and of course the firehouse and the fire service in general. The other night the topic turned to incident command, who runs it, what...

Whats your roster look like?

  When is the last time you looked at the demographics of your roster? How many members do you have in the 1yr -5yr range, the 10yr – 15yr range, and the over 20yr range? How many of your members have more than one job or children under the age of 18. How many are...

Why are they leaving?

It doesn’t take much effort to find an article depicting how difficult it is to find volunteers for the fire service. Rarely a month goes by without someone telling their story of how it is getting harder and harder to find new recruits. Two household workers,...

Although a hot and sometimes hectic spot, working the grill is a popular job, some say because of being able to watch the football games in between flipping the pancakes:)

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