Fire Operations: Adjusting for COVID-19

Check out the inaugural episode of ROLL CALL with Chief Hurlbert from Barneveld Fire Department, Chief Pfaff with Stoddard-Bergen Fire Department and Captain Bernard with Arbor Vitae Fire & Rescue. We discuss the challenges presented by COVID-19; where we’ve...

***Welcome – Welcome – Welcome***

Welcome to XtremeFD.com, we are glad you stopped by.  XtremeFD.com provides a central location for volunteer firefighters and EMT’s to discuss the issues of their profession on a local, regional, and national level. Our primary focus is on recruitment and retention...

Help Wanted – Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

This book will empower the volunteer fire service to move past discussing and onto resolving recruitment challenges by providing a 5-step process for designing a successful recruitment program. Hypothesis 1 – A majority of volunteer/POC fire departments do not...

Can you count to 5?

You arrive on scene of working fire – there is heavy black smoke pushing from a second story window, flames are visible, and the radio is crazy with traffic – what do you do? I suggest that stop, look around, and count to 5. WHAT – are you kidding me? Stop, look...

Van Fire

Monroe fire responded to a van on fire in the Walmart parking lot. Photo By: RJEB Photography

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