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This book will empower the volunteer fire service to move past discussing and onto resolving recruitment challenges by providing a 5-step process for designing a successful recruitment program.

  1. Hypothesis 1 – A majority of volunteer/POC fire departments do not have formal recruitment/retention programs for managing their staffing levels.
  2. Hypothesis 2 – Monetary compensation has little affect on a volunteer/POC firefighter’s decision to serve their organization.
  3. Hypothesis 3 – An increase in required training is not likely to cause an exodus of volunteer/POC firefighters
  4. Hypothesis 4 – Volunteer/POC firefighters feel that the state of Wisconsin certification requirements are too easy.

Perhaps the largest surprise in this portion of the survey was in the areas of current staffing levels and annual responses. There were three questions in the management section of the survey, two of which had thirteen parts.
The training section of the survey included six questions relating to the number of required training sessions annually, length of regular training sessions, preferred length of training sessions, and whether the member would consider leaving the emergency services if they were required to devote more hours to training. The final question in this section of the survey had thirteen parts in which the survey participants were asked to rate words or phrases related to the training sessions of their organization.
Survey question forty-four measures the affect that social activities, monetary compensation, and time demands have on a member’s willingness to continue serving their organization.
Many articles continue to paint a picture that there is a shortage of volunteers and that we have a recruitment/retention problem in the U.S. volunteer fire service. 
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Scenario based training for firefighters, designed by a firefighter. Strategies and Tactics for Residential fires utilizes life like scenarios to build the skills of firefighters, company officers, and command staff. These scenarios are life like, and probable! If you train for the everyday events, you are more likely to be successful at that once in a career event.

  • 5 life like scenarios – each presenting a different challenge
  • Firefighters – Learn offensive, defensive, and transitional attack methods
  • Company Officers – Learn building construction, fire ground communications, and crew management
  • Chief Officers – Practice until you master the 360 size-up, first-in reports, and resource management
  • Safety officers – Practice identifying fire ground hazards, reading smoke, and performing a risk assessment
  • Instructors – Easy to use wmv format – play, pause, and rewind so you can teach at your own pace.
  • Student Worksheet and Instructor Guide included for each scenario (total of 5)

These scenarios will prove to be a great tool for keeping your firefighters’ skills sharp during the winter months or as a refresher on a rain night. Take it an extra step and separate your firefighters and command staff, having them communicate the actions for each scenario via portable radio from separate rooms. ORDER TODAY and add some excitement to your training!
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