Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Chief Rufer different than other speakers?

It’s the “Genuine” factor. Chief Rufer has been in the volunteer fire service for over 20yrs. He understands the dedication it takes to be a volunteer firefighter, and doesn’t insult them with “Fluff”. This business is hard and the challenges are real, to sugar coat the issues would be a disservice to the profession.

Can we preview a program?

Check Chief Rufer’s schedule and contact him to be a guest at an upcoming program.

Does Chief Rufer offer his programs to individual organizations?

Yes, Chief Rufer’s signature TEN-23 program is offered to individual organizations or in a seminar format. The Backpacks 2 Air Packs and Training Officer Boot Camp programs are designed for seminars, but Chief Rufer does offer consulting services on these topics to individual organizations. Contact him with questions at contact@xtremefd.com

How will Chief Rufer get his message across to our audience?

Chief Rufer’s message is “real”, with examples that firefighters of all levels can relate to. He is interactive and approachable. Chief Rufer will spend time with audience members during breaks and at the end of the program.

How much money can we raise by hosting a class?

The “Host a Class” program has become very popular and works a couple of different ways. The bottom line is that the more you promote the class, the more you will raise. Contact Chief Rufer regarding the specifics of this program at contact@xtremefd.com

How should we set-up the room?

Chief Rufer is very flexible and has delivered his programs in fire station meeting rooms, school auditoriums, hotel conference rooms, and convention centers. If you are expecting more than 50 people a raised platform is requested but not required. This will give the audience a clear, unobstructed view during the presentation. If holding the event in a fire station meeting room or conference room, chairs should be in rows, do not use a center aisle (prime viewing space) use smaller aisles on either side. Stagger the chairs in alternate rows so that audience members won’t have someone’s head right in front of them, blocking their view. An area of a 10ft between Chief Rufer and the first row is preferred. Match the number of chairs to the number of people that are registered, keep extra chairs stacked at the back of the room.

What audio visual needs does he have?

For smaller venues (those seating 100 or less) Chief Rufer needs a projector and screen. For larger venues (those seating over 100) he will also need an audio system for both the presentation and a microphone, preferably a lavaliere microphone. Chief Rufer will work with you on these items once your program is booked.

You have booked Chief Rufer. Now What?

You will receive a speaking agreement. Sign and return the agreement with a 50% deposit to hold the date. Chief Rufer will call you a few weeks prior to the program to finalize all of the details. Sit back and enjoy how easy Chief Rufer is to work with.

What consulting services does Chief Rufer offer?

Chief Rufer has an MBA in Organizational Development and specializes in helping organizations design training programs, recruitment programs, strategic planning, and needs analysis. His recommendations have helped organizations increase their membership, reduce response times, and improve their fire ground operations.

Does Chief Rufer offer any traning programs that are not listed on the website.

Yes, Chief Rufer frequently designs custom programs for individual departments. Email him at contact@xtremefd.com to discuss the details of what you would like to see or do.

What are the cancellation and refund policies of XtremeFd, LLC

If Xtreme FD LLC finds it necessary to cancel a class due to inclement weather, illness, or other unavoidable reasons, we will post notice of the cancellation on our Facebook Page (facebook.com/XtremeFDLLC) and a full refund will be issued (less 3% if payment was by Credit Card).
If the person(s) enrolled in the class cancel(s) for any reason, the class registration fee will not be refunded. NO exceptions!
You may transfer your registration to another person for a $25 processing fee.
You must email (No Phone Calls) the following information to contact@xtremefd.com

  1. Your Name – (or the name of the person we should contact for questions and payment)
  2. Your Phone Number – (or the phone number of the person we should call for questions and payment)
  3. The name of the person you want to transfer the registration to.
  4. The name of their Department.
  5. Their Rank/Position.
  6. Their email address.
  7. Their phone number.

Transfer requests are not allowed inside of seven days of the class, again NO Exceptions.
The above cancelation policy is for events that are run and operated by Xtreme FD only. Classes/Events hosted and run by a separate party are subject to that party’s cancellation and/or refund policy. You must contact the host of the class/event directly for any issues regarding a refund, cancelation, or transfer of registration.

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