Xtreme FD – LLC reviews firefighting gear, equipment, clothing, tools, and many other products. You may contact us at contact@xtremefd.com if you are interested in having us conduct a review of your product.

  1. What products are reviewed? – We review products related to the fire and/or EMS service. Please contact us by email BEFORE sending any products to us for review.
  2. Audience – Our website is viewed by people all over the world, however, our primary audience is located in the upper midwest of the united states and are associated with the volunteer side of firefighting.
  3. Return Policy – Products sent to us for review are not returned.
  4. Product Reviews – Typically we are able to provide a product review within 3-4 weeks of receiving the product. If you would like to have the product review co-incide with a product marketing launch – please indicate that in your email prior to sending the product.  Most often we are able to accomodate these requests.

Product Reviews

  1. Product reviews are posted on xtremefd.com 3-4 weeks after receiving the product.  However, some reviews may take longer due to the number of products we receive.  If you need your product review posted on a specific date you must indicate that in your email to us at contact@xtremefd.com and we will notify you if we are able to meet your request.
  2. You must provide the product in a timely manner and at no cost.
  3. We do not return any items. Any items sent to us for review are considered the property of Xtreme FD, LLC.
  4. We provide unbiased reviews. Do not even attempt to influence us.
  5. We reserve the right to decline posting a review before or after receiving the product.  If we decline a review after receiving a product the company will be notified of the reason(s) why.
  6. We do not share specific membership information with any companies.

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