Xtreme FD was in Iowa County to present TEN-23. The Mineral Point Fire Department hosted the class that was both training and fundraising event for the Iowa County Emergency Services Association.
The classroom was packed, with over 70 registered for the class. TEN-23 is designed to train intermediate level firefighters, company, and chief officers in making better tactical decisions during the first few minutes of arriving on scene. It delivers a strong message on communications and scene size-up.
TEN-23 teaches the skills necessary to identify the ten critical elements necessary for implementing safe and effective operations. Unlike other classes presented in a lecture format, TEN-23 gets you out of your seat and on your feet with interactive exercises designed to improve skill retention.
Below Chief Rufer leads the students in a communications excersise.

Email us at contact@xtremefd.com to find out more about hosting TEN-23 at your department.

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