McDonald's should go to FDIC

McDonald's should go to FDIC

One of the greatest things about the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) is that they have the unique ability to resist complacency. The people behind this conference are marketing geniuses. Their love of the fire service is sincere and they totally get us....
Get the Extra on Chicago Fire

Get the Extra on Chicago Fire

WOW – what a trip! Who ever said show business was easy never worked as an extra. Overall the experience was pretty awesome. Rush hour in the city is nuts though and just reconfirmed my desire to remain a guest and not a resident of the windy city. My new GPS...

WEMSA 2013

Headed to Milwaukee, WI for WEMSA 2013. Super excited to meet new people. Back in my EMS days I used to look forward to this conference every year, it was always a fun and educational time. This time I’ll be in the front of the room, never thought that would...

***Welcome – Welcome – Welcome***

Welcome to XtremeFD.com, we are glad you stopped by.  XtremeFD.com provides a central location for volunteer firefighters and EMT’s to discuss the issues of their profession on a local, regional, and national level. Our primary focus is on recruitment and retention...

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