Nothing Showing…….

Nothing Showing…….

It’s 2am and you wake up to that familiar squelch, your being dispatched to a multi-family housing unit for a report of smoke. You recognize the address as a frequent flyer for alarm calls but this time is different. Dispatch is telling you that they are receiving...
Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher

You work tirelessly, putting in many more hours than what you’re “on the clock” for, all in an effort to deliver your message so that it may reach even the most challenging of students. Contrary to what some may believe, you are not motivated by extrinsic rewards like...

Burning the Flag, no comparison

So one of the big stories circulating the popular websites, facebook, and forums last week was about eight firefighters, some of whom were reported as high ranking officers and academy instructors for the Cleveland Fire Department, Ohio. According to several local...

Scanner Land

  Do you ever wonder what the people in scanner land think when they listen to us respond to a fire? What does heavy smoke showing mean to the lay person? Do they really think we weigh the smoke, and if so, what kind of scale would we use? I often wonder what we...

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