Backpacks 2 Airpacks – Recruit, Train, and Retain

Backpacks 2 Air Packs is an 8 hour course designed for those involved in Recruiting, Retaining, and Replacing volunteers. You will learn the core principles and innovative strategies for designing a recruitment program that works!

  • MARKETING: 3 things you need to do RIGHT NOW!
  • REVEALED: Why $$$$$ will not solve your problems
  • LEARN: Best practices for training recruits
  • HOW: To STOP hiring the wrong people

“Learn how to attract, train, and retain the next generation of firefighters for your department. Stop wondering where your next recruit is going to come from and schedule a class today.

Deputy Chief, Al Rufer, MBA, EFO

Backpacks 2 Air Packs - Loads of Information

Loads of information that was able to be brought back to the department and used immediately.

Lora Henning, EMT
Clinton Fire Protection District


I had the privilege of attending Chief Rufer's lecture at FDIC this year. He talked about Volunteer recruitment, retention, and training. The information he provided to my department is absolutely invaluable and I am forever indebted to him for all he has provided me.

Captain Garrett Wynn
U-Crest Fire Department

Great ideas!

Al brought a lot of great ideas and presented them in a way that really sticks. The exercise he had us do really put things into perspective with our service. Recruiting really is a long term commitment that needs needs to be addressed before it's too late. The information on what works and what doesn't will really help in our long term recruiting.
Jamie Stephenson
Albany Area EMS

Jamie Stephenson, EMS Director
Albany Area EMS

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