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Chief Rufer is one of the Hottest speakers on the conference circuit today. Training planners love Chief Rufer and bring him back year-after-year for his fast-paced, content-rich programs that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Chief Rufer delivers training to firefighters, company officers, and chiefs, locally, regionally, and nationally. He is a thought leader on a wide range of topics — providing audiences with the tools to become more innovative in their approach to fire ground operations, the design of training programs, and recruiting volunteers.

What makes Chief Rufer unique is the “genuine” factor. Audiences always relate to his experiences, struggles and lessons. But what knocks your socks off is his impeccable delivery. Chief Rufer’s programs combine a down-to-earth attitude with a colorful artistic streak. Comments from audience members such as, “I can’t wait to take this back to my department and drill on it,” “Great class, I learned alot” and, “nice to see a volunteer that cares,” are a testament to his effectiveness and style.

He is the author of HELP Wanted: Volunteer Recruitment and Retention which has helped many departments improve their training and recruitment efforts.

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So I did not look like an idiot…

I just attend the NFA Wisconsin Weekend at Volk Field – Preparation for Initial Company Operations. While in this NFA course, much of the training Al presented to us in Drummond, WI last year was brought to the forefront of my mind. The Ten-23XL training gave me a necessary understanding of an effective initial on-scene report and what to seek during a 360 degree walk around. His stimulating presentation helped me to have the tools and knowledge needed to increase my learning at the NFA weekend, and yes, prevented me from looking like a idiot in front of all those career firefighters. Thank you!

Jonathon Dillard, Firefighter
Brule Fire Department

A Must See

The TEN-23 class is well worth the time to attend. About three weeks after the class our department was paged to a house fire. While en-route to the scene I remembered the term “TWO” (Time of Day, Water, Occupant). I requested mutual-Aid for manpower and tenders. Once on scene I immediately did the 60-second walk around using “BURNER” that Al taught us. As I was finishing my walk around and giving the report to the communications center our Chief arrived on scene. He said he heard the report and had a clear picture of what we had. The call went exceptionably well, as for the word “BURNER”, well you will just have to attend Al’s class to find out the answer!

Charles W. Nye, Asst. Chief
Cobb Fire Department

Excellent as usual!

As he has in the past, Al Rufer brought a no-nonsense, information filled presentation to our department. In a matter of four hours, he took guys that had never been in a leadership postion and made them feel comfortable being stuck in the officers seat. If your department is like ours, any given day, any given firefighter may find themselves in that seat. Knowing the scene will start smoothly and run fine until command shows up is a great feeling. I feel so strongly that every firefighter needs to take the TEN-23 class, that my department will be sponsoring this class for all area FF later this year. I urge everyone to attend and see what a 360 can do for you!

Randy Baysinger Fire Chief
Stockton Fire Department

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